TAXI42, the answer to your

transportation needs


TAXI42, the answer to your

transportation needs

for our safety and yours, our taxi is outfitted with a dashcam making recordings outside and inside the taxi. When an incident occurs, a request for these images can be made within 24 hours. Due to privacy laws and regulations all images will be erased after 24 hours.
We offer 24/7 year round services. If our own taxi is unavailable we have the support of a local taxi organization (TTO) from where we can get you a reliable and safe replacement.
TAXI42 strives to deliver the highest level of service, providing trained drivers, clean vehicles and clear and direct communication. We aim to provide a smooth and timely service, to ensure the least distraction from your schedule. Order a ride from TAXI42 and arrive well rested and freshly focused.
TAXI42 offers service in English, Dutch, German and on occasion even French. If need be, we have a pre-installed translation app on our phone to make sure no miscommunication occurs.




Welcome at TAXI42!

My name is Willem Buisman, and for me driving a taxi is more than just driving from point a to point b. It is all about service, and improving your day. I make it my mission to bring “business class” back to life! We hope to ensure a carefree ride, where me or any driver I send will make certain to go the extra mile (figuratively, of course) to brighten up your day.

TAXI42 offers a wide variety of services, like private hire, street-taxi, airport pick-ups. Even shuttle service, regular and pre-booked rides are possible. We are flexible in our solutions and availability.

We at TAXI42 take pride in offering a comfortable and satisfying journey. Get aboard and let us guide you to your destination, while ensuring the utmost for a smooth and enjoyable ride.


Business class


100% no-smoking



24/7 availability

 Eindhoven Region


Clean vehicles

 door-to-door Service

Music preference 



13 + 9 =

48 hours in advance for online booking, please allow 24 hours for confirmation.

Booking within 48 hours from reservation only by phone.


15 + 10 =

Please specify date, pick-up address, destination and details of vehicle and driver if possible


What are your business hours?

Business days from 7 AM to 9 PM, when booked 24/7, plus we make sure you have the phone number of your designated driver in case of eventualities.

Which safety measures are applied?

TAXI42 and all substitute drivers we use are members of the local taxi organization called a TTO. Every 2 years we have mandatory first aid courses. Further more we have courses for driving and professional conduct enhancement every year. For security measures we use a Dashcam recording both out side and inside the vehicle. In case of calamity, these recordings can be requested within 24 hours, after which thy will be deleted for privacy reasons.

Which methods of payment are accepted?

We accept all usual payment options. Cash, debit card and credit card. Even the Dutch version of venmo (tikkie) is possible.

Do you offer airport transfers?

Yes we do, contact us to find out about pre-book price deals for any destination over 25 miles.

Can I pre-order a ride?

Most certainly. Please use the order-form on this site, or when departure is within 48 hours feel free to contact me by phone or whatsapp.

Can I order a taxi with child seat?

unfortunately no. As of this moment we can not provide this service. We are of course happy to install your child seat for the duration of the ride, but apart from that it would consume too much room in the baggage area.

Do you offer rides for people with disabilities?

We do not have wheelchair accessible vehicles as of yet. We ask you to please leave a message if you would appreciate this service, making it possible for us to reconsider if demand meets commercial sustainability. We can however refer you to colleagues who do offer this service, if so desired.

How to handle if I left something in the vehicle?

Please feel free to contact us in the most convenient way, be it by mail, phone or app. Upon receiving your request we will be sure to double check our vehicle and if found take immediate action to reunite you with your lost items!

I have a complaint

If you feel you could help improve m service in any way, please do let me know. I would appreciate the opportunity to convince you of our high standards. Please contact me through the remark-form on this page or send an e-mail to:
Please specify date and time of the occurrence, and pickup and destination, if possible details about car and driver are appreciated.

Can I open an account with taxi42?

This is possible, for both businesses and private people with recurring transportation needs. Please contact through the contact-form on this site or via telephone, we are happy to welcome regular clients.